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Born from a love for
Indian art and culture.

As we witness this legacy and its torch bearers disappearing in between the pages of history, a sense of nostalgia and self-identity gave birth to the idea of Nirantharaa. Nirantharaa was born with a desire to rediscover and revive our culture through traditional craftsmanship and recreate the emotions and stories with the help of these great weavers of magic and pass on this heirloom to the future generations to nurture and protect. Founded in 2019 by a group of passionate and enthusiastic people from different walks of life, Nirantharaa strives to promote this self-reliance and way of living in today’s contemporary setting and keep it contextual in our ever-changing world.

The artisan:
Indian art and culture.

Nirantharaa, while evoking a sense of pride intends to be the medium which connects the dots from the craft to the patron working towards making the economy self-reliant. Nature in all its forms has always been the greatest influence on our civilization and truly living by this philosophy we aim at creating a sustainable environment through mindful consumption which is befitting of our glorious history.

As we pause and reflect, self-reliance more so now than ever before has become the need of the hour. We face a crisis looming large be it in terms of the market competition from our neighbours or the black swan event that has changed the entire socio-economic scenario. It becomes imperative that we understand that Sustainability is the way forward, which in this case implies survival of crafts integrated with livelihood prospects and environmentally sound practices.

Old and new.
They coexist. They thrive.

Together, they carry traditional artisanship into the future.

The old
Our nationwide team of skilled craftsmen are virtuosos in their chosen craft, and breathe centuries of history into every piece they create while constantly adapting to modern styles.

The new
Our in-house team of designers, engineers, material experts, prototyping specialists, and vendors create solutions to bring the ancient into the everyday.

The Nirantharaa way


A Social Enterprise evoking a sense of nostalgia in affordable luxury


A combination of unique and aesthetically designed ecologically sustainable products


Desire to rediscover and revive our culture through traditional craftsmanship


Recreate the emotions/stories with the help of great weavers of magic


To pass on the heirloom to the future generations to nurture and protect.

For the future of the earth

Not only is every Niranthraraa product imbibed with a rich history, it’s 100% sustainable and eco friendly. They’re made with materials from the earth, made using techniques created centuries ago, and are made to last a lifetime.

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