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Banana Fibre Box

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Product description

Natural fibres of plants have been gaining importance over synthetic counterparts owing to their biodegradable , renewability , lightweight and better biochemical and strength properties.

One of the Plant-based natural fibres that is increasingly becoming popular and area of interest  is the banana fibre.

The innovation that Niratharaa built using Banana fibre material is around coming up with a unique packaging design to deliver all of their products to their customers . In this process, it helped in promoting the vision of the company  around sustainability, biodegradable and eco-friendly. We have come up with various options of boxes and pouches to deliver products to our customers.

Every packaging design using Banana fibre is curated and very well thought through based on easiness , presentation and reusability of these packages for our customers.

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11x11x7, 15x12x13, 30x15x15, 30x22x9, 30x28x12

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