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Can you hear the coins clinking in your pockets and waiting to whisper some fascinating and lost stories in your ears? Behind Mahatma Gandhi’s smiling face today, lies a long history of intrigue, struggle, exploration, and wealth that can be traced back to ancient India.

Naanya, at Nirantharaa, is an attempt at demystifying this history, as they bring back nostalgic memories for an entire generation and more and are a direct inspiration from these paisa coins that have been withdrawn from circulation with effect from June 30, 2011, and are, therefore, no more legal tender.

Naanya is a beautiful story of fusion of two crafts; metal embossing & metal casting. Metal embossing is a 500-year-old tradition in India. Craftsmen usually prefer copper and brass sheets in embossing work.

So have a seat, enjoy your drink and listen to the clink and relive the nostalgia with Naanya  coasters !

3ps=3.1/2×3.1/2× 1/2cm
10ps=4.1/4×4.1/4×1/2 cm
Tic tac toe=6×6×1/2cm

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