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Metal embossing

Metal embossing is a 500 years old tradition of India.Kashipura located in Varanasi is one among famous place for sheet metal embossing art. Craftsman usually prefers copper and brass sheets in embossing work. Mr. Jayprakash who is looking after the metal embossing work says that it is their family business and he got involved in this work by the influence of his father late Sri Chand, their family is involved in this work since many generations. Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is world famous for its range of brass items. A wide range of household items like pots, trays, bowls and decorative pieces are made here and are decorated with intricate etching. Electroplated brass and copper items and items made of white metal are also created in Moradabad. Banaras is known for cast sculptures of deities and household utensils made of brass and copper.